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Conversations with Kim and Kim; Our Favorite Books, and more!

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017


Being out in the world, me being an author and intuitive counselor and Kim Isherwood, an intuitive medium, reiki healer and more, people always ask us if we can recommend any books for them to read in order to familiarize themselves with the spirit world, etc.

There are SO MANY books that we both love!  Of course while recording we could not mention them all, but we do talk about a few of the ones we really love.

As always, Kim and I say it like it is; everything goes when we are together!  It is always so much fun recording together.

If you have any questions of comments please do write to us via our websites.  Here for me, and at for Kim.




Seeds of Wisdom Podcast; What I feel God is and is NOT

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Hi Everyone,
In this newest edition of my podcast, Seeds of Wisdom, I get into a very controversial subject. God.
The topic of God is HUGE! It is a very emotional, heated and controversial subject to speak about, and by no means do I think that voicing my opinion about what I view God is, and for me more importantly, what God is NOT, in this podcast covers the subject in its entirety. Not even close! I barely scratched the surface in this 17 minutes here.
There are as many views about what God is, WHO God is, etc., as there are people, and my opinion is just that, mine.
Some of these issues that I raise here may or may not have crossed your minds. I wanted to give you a different perspective than you are used to when it comes to thinking about God.
This podcast is not the end of this discussion. I will be bringing this subject up again, a lot. I will have guests on the show to discuss this topic as well.
Please feel free to send me emails with questions or comments!
Thanks for listening!

Seeds of Wisdom with Kimberly Klein: Spiritual signs

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Hi, and welcome to another podcast of Seeds of Wisdom with Kimberly Klein.

The subject of this episode is Spiritual Signs. What are they and how do you know if you’ve received one?

Not everything that is traditionally viewed as a sign has the same meaning to everybody. There are hundreds of books about signs and symbols on the market, and every culture has their own meaning and understanding about the different animals and objects that are traditional signs and symbols. In order to know what something means to you, you need to look at it in context to you, in context to the situation. Here is the question you need to ask; is this thing that showed up out of context, out of the norm? If yes, then it is probably a sign.

As you listen to the examples I give in the podcast you will gain an understanding of what out of context means, and how you can learn to understand more about signs and how they relate to your own life.

Thanks for listening!

Conversations with Kim and Kim; Spirit vs: Ego

Monday, May 1st, 2017

In this second podcast of mine and Kim’s, we discuss Ego vs: Spirit.

How do you know when a thought or inspiration is coming from the spirit world, from your true authentic self, or when it is ego based?

It is important to be able to tell the difference because thoughts, ideas, inspirations from your soul, which is your authentic self and is directly connected to spirit will always be in alignment with your best interest whereas ego based decisions and such will not always be your best choice!

Thanks for listening!


Conversations with Kim and Kim; get to know us!

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Welcome to the first podcast of Conversations with Kim and Kim. This podcast series is a discussion between me, Kim Klein, and Kim Isherwood, intuitive medium and my good friend.  We are going to use this podcast series to discuss many different topics, not just spirituality.  Kim as an intuitive medium, and me as an intuitive counselor, both speak to a great deal of people who have a lot of varying questions and concerns about life, relationships, business etc., not just about spiritual issues, so we decided to use this forum to voice our opinions and feelings about a lot of things!  This first episode is a get to know us discussion. More will come soon.  This podcast, as with my own Seeds of Wisdom, is available on iTunes as well.  Thanks! Kim

Seeds of Wisdom episode 1 ! Introduction and discussion about Meditation

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Hi!  I am very excited to post this very first episode of my new podcast series, Seeds of Wisdom!  For this first episode I decided to give a bit of information about who I am, for those of you that do not already know me from my books, as well as to speak a little bit about the types of meditation that I practice on a daily basis.  As I move forward with these podcasts I hope to delve deeper into subjects such as spirit communications, more about meditation, God, healing, religion vs. spirituality, and more!  Please feel free to email any questions, comments or subject requests to me via the contact me link on my website at Thanks for listening, and have a great day!  Kim

What is a Sign?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Looking for Signs

This will be a quick blog entry. I will expand on this subject later but I have recently been asked, “how do I tell what a sign from a loved one is exactly.”

The quick answer is this: if you notice something that you normally would not notice, a coin in a strange spot, your loved ones favorite flower, or something else that takes your mind to your loved one or whomever you are wanting to hear from, then that is most likely a sign from that person. Example: The title of one of my books, Hummingbirds Don’t Fly In The Rain, came about because of a sign from my daughter, Talia. It was raining, pouring out, and I looked up and saw a hummingbird flying outside my window. It was not spring, or summer, it was winter and it was pouring and there was a hummingbird flying, looking in at me. Now that is something that is not normal. That event was out of context, and it made me think of my daughter. It was indeed a sign. That being a sign was reinforced when I spoke to Talia and asked her, “was that a sign that you are here?” A few moments later she confirmed that it was indeed a sign sent from her when I found that same hummingbird lying perfectly centered, wet from the rain, and dead, on my porch step.

Watch for things that are not normal. If something strikes you as a sign, it probably is. Thank your loved one for sending it and ask for more. The signs will start to come more frequently and possibly in more dramatic ways.

Learning to Hear

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

When I meet people, either at book signings, on a radio show or in some sort of social situation, the question that is most asked of me is how did I, and more importantly, how do they learn to hear and understand what their loved ones are trying to communicate to them. Some of them add that they had never heard from their passed loved ones until after reading one of my books, but then all of a sudden they heard from them and they ask, why did their loved ones choose now to communicate to them.

What I know, after much learning from Talia, is that such communications had actually always been there, but the readers, myself included, were either too hurt or closed off to hear or be aware of them. As we read the messages brought to us by Talia, doubt and hurt were pushed aside, leaving us open to believe.

Belief is the key to hearing what Spirit is trying to get through to us, all the time. Belief in the Spirit, belief in our ability to hear, belief in the existence of something bigger than us, more powerful, more brilliant than we have ever let ourselves believe before. Without belief, we are cut off. Cut off from what is our birthright. Our connection to ALL. Our connection to the Sprit that moves through all things, our connection to Oneness.

My belief is based on much substantiation of communications. These substantiations were fact; they were proven to me. So I call my belief a fact- based belief, a belief that grew out of many factual experiences. It is much like learning that 1 + 1 = 2. Once we see that this is true, we have a belief, and that belief is based on the fact that we have seen and experienced that 1 + 1 is in fact 2. Once we have that factual belief, we have faith in that fact. Faith in the fact that our belief is true. We then have fact-based faith.

This is very different from faith “just because.” Just because our parents told us there was—or was not—a God, just because they said so, we had faith it was true. This is the faith that many people have, but I don’t believe in it. It is faith based on fact that gives us a firm belief in something. For me, this firm, factual belief is that there is no death, the spirit lives on, and we all can hear the communications from the spirit world if we learn how.

Learning how to hear—that is the biggest hurdle. But if you have faith that you can, and are able to let go of the noise that is in your head in everyday life, you will hear. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books out there that try to help you learn how to let go, how to quiet the noise, how to meditate, how to hear. I am not going to tell you how you should do it; each path is different for each person. For me, my path was set out by Talia.

Talia’s messages were clear. She said that I could feel her, I could hear her, and I could receive her contact. When she said that, I knew that I could. That was hurdle one: I believed I could.

Hurdle two: actually begin receiving messages or signs. The key to hearing or receiving is acknowledging every communication that you get. The more you acknowledge, the more you will begin to receive. So I made sure to acknowledge each and every sign I received.
If I saw a dime in a very strange place, I let Talia know that I saw that dime, and that I thought it was from her. If I felt something on my head, I asked Talia if that was her. When I felt it again I knew it was. When I received a thought in my head and wasn’t sure where it had come from, I let Talia know that I “heard” that thought and thanked her.
Soon the signs came more frequently, and they were much clearer. Instead of feeling a little tingle on my leg, I felt a very strong touch. Instead of receiving a thought in my head that I thought might have come from Spirit, that thought became very clear—louder, though not audible. Instead of finding one dime, I would notice dime after dime in the same place for a day or so as emphasis.

I also studied very hard. I was extremely fortunate to have many healers work on me to help me release grief and open up my channels of communication. I was also lucky to be able to take many classes on learning to communicate with the spirit world. In these classes, many exercises helped me learn how to communicate and how to receive. After each exercise my fact-based belief was built up. I received substantiation after substantiation that there is in fact a spiritual world, one that we are part of even while we are still in our bodies.

As Talia states in her dialogues in The Universe Speaks, anyone can hear and communicate with the Spirit. We just need to believe. Believe and it will be!!

Consciously Raising Children

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Raising children is something that many people do, but not many people actually think about. It seems that most people go about raising their children by the seat of their pants, approaching each situation as it arises, not giving much thought as to the “formula” they are going to use to help their children grow, learn, mature, and become happy, well-adjusted and gracious members of society.

In fact, a lot of people give more thought to how to raise their puppies than their children. Granted, you can put your puppy in its crate for a few hours, as part of its training and to give yourself time to take care of what you need to do. But you cannot put your child in a crate, or in the case of children, a playpen or a playroom, and leave them unattended, without potentially causing behavioral and emotional problems for them in the future.

Raising a child takes years of constant dedication to ensure the happiest, most well-adjusted and generous adult possible. It’s not a short-term, simple task—it’s not easy to teach, guide, and mentor a child from conception onward. Especially knowing that everything you say or do—and everything that child witnesses, experiences, and thinks about—will have a deep impact on his or her understanding and possibilities in this world.

I know. I did it. I raised a truly wonderful, intelligent and joyous daughter, Talia. Trying to give Talia information without giving answers, without influencing the direction of her thought or causing walls to be built around her mind, was the most difficult task I could have had.

So what does it take to raise a child?  It takes diligence. You can’t skip a beat, day or night. And it doesn’t just start when your child is born, it starts the moment you find out you’re expecting.

For me, it started even before I was pregnant. First, I made sure I was in the best physical condition possible. I wasn’t in perfect shape, but I did make sure that my muscles were toned and my heart health was good. I did this by running a few miles every other day or so and by playing tennis three times a week.

I was also very aware of what I was eating for myself and for the baby. I read every book I could find about what to eat before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy to ensure proper nutrition for the baby and me. I knew that at each stage of pregnancy a different organ or system was forming, and each required a special vitamin or mineral. So I simply ate according to what part of the baby was being formed at each stage. I’d eat more of certain vegetables as they were needed, or protein during the weeks it was needed. I made sure I supplied all that was needed to form a healthy baby, and a smart baby too.

Once your baby is born, the real work begins. This is when a lot of people get into the “puppy” mentality and use whatever means they have at their disposal just to occupy the baby, so that they themselves can do what they need to do with their day. Anything to keep the baby from crying. But it is at this point that really paying attention and having unlimited patience becomes crucial.

Babies cry for a reason. Whether they’re hungry, cold, need to be changed, or don’t feel well—whatever it is—they don’t cry just because they want attention. A baby is not by nature an insecure attention hound. Babies live according to instinct and cry only for real reasons, so why make them suffer and cry out? There is no reason, and I believe that so many kids are selfish and insecure, or whine constantly, because they were made to cry for extended periods as babies. They had real needs that were not being met, and this affected them subconsciously.

In my case, I did not let Talia cry at all. The moment she even thought about crying, I was there, meeting her needs. Whether she was hungry, wet, or wanted to play.

Another thing I did when Talia was a baby was never to speak to her in baby talk. It’s natural for people to walk up to a baby and speak in baby talk because they think it’s cute, but what’s the purpose? Really, there is none. It’s not as if babies are born understanding baby talk and can learn only to speak properly when they’re older. A baby is a blank slate, looking to learn from the very beginning, so why not speak to children correctly from infancy and give them the basis to learn languages at a young age?

Even before she could speak, Talia understood everything I was telling her. I think parents make the biggest mistake in thinking that just because their child cannot say something, he or she doesn’t understand what they’re hearing. This isn’t true at all. Experts say the brain is functioning before children are able to consciously control their tongue movements and make sounds. I’ve heard that the books you read to children should always be well above their actual reading level, because their ability to comprehend and analyze is well ahead of their speech.

Once Talia was old enough to move from breastfeeding to drinking from a cup, I decided to bypass the traditional sippy cup and go straight to a real cup, a small plastic one. It takes the same coordination for a baby to pick up a real cup or a sippy cup, so why use the sippy? A sippy avoids spills, but it has nothing to do with a child’s ability to drink from a real cup.

I usually took Talia with me to the store. It was another learning experience for her, plus I loved having her with me. She was what people called a “good baby,” so why not take her? And I feel she was a good baby because she was being raised correctly. She had no reason to scream for what she wanted or needed. Her needs were all being met.

When Talia began to ask for things, I didn’t just give them to her; she had to ask correctly. There was no need to reprimand her in this or any other area.

When I was raising Talia, I watched over myself every second of the day. Each word, action, response—even the inflection of my voice—had to be used precisely to ensure that they were not influencing her thoughts and beliefs, but were merely stepping stones for her to walk on while forming her own code for life. Teaching without limiting is the most difficult task there is. My goal was to keep Talia’s mind open and not to stifle her or cause the doorways of her mind, leading to all the universe offered, to close.

Raising a truly gifted, confident and gracious child to become a wonderful addition to society is something every parent can do. It is a choice. A choice either to make unconscious decisions while raising children, just acting on impulse when decisions need to be made, or to be aware, making purposeful choices and consciously raising your child.

Dealing with loss during the Holidays

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

For many people, the arrival of the holiday season brings with it a mixed bag of emotions: excited, anticipatory, joyous and hopeful feelings, as well as feelings of dread, loneliness, and the wishful thought that the time period between Halloween and New Year’s would just disappear. For whatever reason, everyone deals with the holidays his or her own way. But having a loved one that has passed away throws an entirely new set of emotions into the already crowded mix. Especially when that loved one is your child.

During the holiday season it is more common than not to finish a conversation or a visit with a statement like, Have a great holiday, or Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah! Those words flow naturally from person to person, usually without a thought to what they actually mean. But when the person on the receiving end of those words is someone that has lost a loved one, they can set off a whole set of feelings and emotions that for most of the year have been “under control.”

It is even more difficult if your loved one actually passed away during the holidays—which is what happened to me.

It was December 23, 2007 when I got the call no one ever wants to get. The following excerpt from my book Hummingbirds Don’t Fly In the Rain describes what happened when the phone rang:

I picked up the phone; it was Bob Klein, my ex-husband Michael’s father.

“Kim, something terrible has happened. The plane with Michael and Frankie—“

My mouth went dry. “What about Talia? Where’s Talia?” I pleaded, not understanding why he hadn’t mentioned my daughter—his granddaughter—only her friend, Francesca Lewis.

“Talia was with Michael and Frankie, but their plane never landed in Volcan. It’s missing.”

My heart stopped. My brain stopped. I stared into space with the phone at my ear, unable to speak…

What started as a regular holiday season for me ended up being the worst time of my life. After nearly three days of not knowing where my daughter’s plane was and whether or not she was alive, I found out, on Christmas Day, that she had in fact, died. Now not only had the worst thing that could ever happen to me happened, it had happened during the holidays! I would forever have to deal with the pain of losing my daughter, the memory even more vivid every year at the anniversary of her death—the same time the world was celebrating!

I had no idea how I was going to be able to go on, let alone deal with the holidays, every year! But something happened to heal me. To help me get through the holidays. And every other day of the year. It was my daughter.

Another excerpt from Hummingbirds:

“… Since the very moment I realized Talia was “dead,” I began receiving many messages from her through various sources, all of which have built on one other and been confirmed by one other. When looked at both alone and as a whole, they have proven to me that not only is Talia actually telling people the messages they relay to me, but, beyond that, those messages are in every way totally, completely, and irrevocably Talia. I know, deeper in my heart and soul than I can even describe, that Talia is communicating to me and, most important, that she is not “dead,” but more alive and amazing now than she was with me here on earth… From the moment I really understood she was gone, I went from not believing in life after death to absolutely believing in it. I knew that the messages Talia was sending me from beyond were from her, and so very real.”

My daughter continued to send me messages, via a medium, a friend called “G,” and as time went on her messages grew in length, in depth and in meaning. The messages from her went from loving messages meant for me alone, to more detailed messages of love, joy, the meaning of life, and statements that there is no death, meant for anyone and everyone who wished to read them.

So, what if you did not have to keep your feelings of loss and sadness “under control,” at all? What if you no longer had those feelings? What if your feelings were those of love, gratitude, happiness and hope? What if every time you heard your loved one’s name you smiled, you laughed, and the tears that began to stream from your eyes were not tears of sadness but tears of joy for them, not about them? This is possible.

When you lose a loved one, a hole is left in your heart. That hole can either stay empty, bringing you sadness, or you can fill it with the knowledge that your loved one is not dead as we know it, but very much alive and living a life much more grand and beautiful than the one here, on earth in the body. That is what happened to me. That is what can happen to you.