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My journey of healing

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

When my daughter Talia started to communicate to me, directly and through others, just after she had “died” in a plane crash, she started me on a path to healing. Although I will never be completely the same as I was before the crash, just knowing she is with me—and will be with me forever—brings me a joy and peace nearly impossible to describe. I feel this knowing in my core; it is a soul knowing deeper than I have ever known anything else.

It is my hope that Talia’s words and my experiences will help others heal from the loss of their loved ones as well. The purpose of this blog is to share her words, my experiences communicating with her, and the experiences of my close family and friends—with you, the reader, in order to touch that place of peace and love in your heart.

I encourage and welcome emails from you with questions, comments, observations and experiences of your own.  If I choose to post any of them on this blog, your identity will always be kept confidential.

Thank you for sharing this journey of healing with me!

If I am addicted now, then I must have been addicted then…

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

A friend of mine recently mentioned to me that she was so impressed I had made it through the most difficult time of my life, the “death” of my daughter and her father, without resorting to drugs, alcohol, other self-destructive habit, or even therapy. When she said this I realized there are so many people in the world who for one reason or another find solace in some sort of substance.

I am very lucky that I had something else to help me get through the initial shock of my daughter’s death. I had HER.

From the moment I first realized that Talia’s physical form was dead, I felt her. I received messages from her, not directly but though others. Those messages, plus her touch, which I could actually feel from time to time, got me over the hump that in some cases would have led people to drink or worse. I realize that I was so very lucky not to have become addicted to anything!

But wait. Another friend of mine then told me she thought I was addicted to something: hearing from Talia.

I thought about this for a moment and then realized that no, I was not addicted to hearing from Talia. I was just accustomed to talking to her, being with her, and listening to her thoughts, wishes and desires. What made hearing from Talia, speaking to her in the afterlife, and feeling her touch from the spirit world on a daily basis any different than when she was in the body? If I am addicted now, then I must have been addicted when she was here, in the physical.

But parents are not addicted. They are interested, they are participatory, they are loving. Not addicted. At least in a regular healthy parent-child relationship.

So why does our relationship have to end since Talia is in spirit? It does not. And it has not. And that is one of Talia’s biggest messages to me and to the world, that relationships do not end just because the form of someone changes. The only thing that changes is the fact that one person is no longer in the body, so the type of relationship changes. But the depth and joy such a relationship can bring is still present, and in some cases it can grow even deeper with one person in spirit.

It is my hope that you, the reader, hears and feels your loved ones who are in the spirit world and that your relationships continue in a new form with them. And that you, too, can be healed.