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Below are links to people I highly recommend for their abilities and integrity.

Aleya Dao, Energetic Balancing
Sound healer, energy practitioner, and spiritual mountain guide, Aleya Dao shares tools and offers guidance in times of change and transformation.

Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School: Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School
I highly recommend the Tracker School for learning both physical skills as well as spiritual/philosophical skills. This is where I learned to hear and speak to Talia.

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic (people medium too!)
An internationally known animal trainer and animal communicator / pet psychic.

Stephanie Jourdan, PH.D, Astrologer
Director and founder of Higher Self Communications, Inc. and the New Focus Institute in Woodland Hills (suburb of Los Angeles), California, Stephanie Jourdan, maintains a private practice encompassing astrology, archetypal therapy, tarot, accelerated learning, and regression.