Seeds of Wisdom with Kimberly Klein: Spiritual signs

Hi, and welcome to another podcast of Seeds of Wisdom with Kimberly Klein.

The subject of this episode is Spiritual Signs. What are they and how do you know if you’ve received one?

Not everything that is traditionally viewed as a sign has the same meaning to everybody. There are hundreds of books about signs and symbols on the market, and every culture has their own meaning and understanding about the different animals and objects that are traditional signs and symbols. In order to know what something means to you, you need to look at it in context to you, in context to the situation. Here is the question you need to ask; is this thing that showed up out of context, out of the norm? If yes, then it is probably a sign.

As you listen to the examples I give in the podcast you will gain an understanding of what out of context means, and how you can learn to understand more about signs and how they relate to your own life.

Thanks for listening!

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