Seeds of Wisdom Podcast; What I feel God is and is NOT

Hi Everyone,
In this newest edition of my podcast, Seeds of Wisdom, I get into a very controversial subject. God.
The topic of God is HUGE! It is a very emotional, heated and controversial subject to speak about, and by no means do I think that voicing my opinion about what I view God is, and for me more importantly, what God is NOT, in this podcast covers the subject in its entirety. Not even close! I barely scratched the surface in this 17 minutes here.
There are as many views about what God is, WHO God is, etc., as there are people, and my opinion is just that, mine.
Some of these issues that I raise here may or may not have crossed your minds. I wanted to give you a different perspective than you are used to when it comes to thinking about God.
This podcast is not the end of this discussion. I will be bringing this subject up again, a lot. I will have guests on the show to discuss this topic as well.
Please feel free to send me emails with questions or comments!
Thanks for listening!

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