Learning to Hear

When I meet people, either at book signings, on a radio show or in some sort of social situation, the question that is most asked of me is how did I, and more importantly, how do they learn to hear and understand what their loved ones are trying to communicate to them. Some of them add that they had never heard from their passed loved ones until after reading one of my books, but then all of a sudden they heard from them and they ask, why did their loved ones choose now to communicate to them.

What I know, after much learning from Talia, is that such communications had actually always been there, but the readers, myself included, were either too hurt or closed off to hear or be aware of them. As we read the messages brought to us by Talia, doubt and hurt were pushed aside, leaving us open to believe.

Belief is the key to hearing what Spirit is trying to get through to us, all the time. Belief in the Spirit, belief in our ability to hear, belief in the existence of something bigger than us, more powerful, more brilliant than we have ever let ourselves believe before. Without belief, we are cut off. Cut off from what is our birthright. Our connection to ALL. Our connection to the Sprit that moves through all things, our connection to Oneness.

My belief is based on much substantiation of communications. These substantiations were fact; they were proven to me. So I call my belief a fact- based belief, a belief that grew out of many factual experiences. It is much like learning that 1 + 1 = 2. Once we see that this is true, we have a belief, and that belief is based on the fact that we have seen and experienced that 1 + 1 is in fact 2. Once we have that factual belief, we have faith in that fact. Faith in the fact that our belief is true. We then have fact-based faith.

This is very different from faith “just because.” Just because our parents told us there was—or was not—a God, just because they said so, we had faith it was true. This is the faith that many people have, but I don’t believe in it. It is faith based on fact that gives us a firm belief in something. For me, this firm, factual belief is that there is no death, the spirit lives on, and we all can hear the communications from the spirit world if we learn how.

Learning how to hear—that is the biggest hurdle. But if you have faith that you can, and are able to let go of the noise that is in your head in everyday life, you will hear. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books out there that try to help you learn how to let go, how to quiet the noise, how to meditate, how to hear. I am not going to tell you how you should do it; each path is different for each person. For me, my path was set out by Talia.

Talia’s messages were clear. She said that I could feel her, I could hear her, and I could receive her contact. When she said that, I knew that I could. That was hurdle one: I believed I could.

Hurdle two: actually begin receiving messages or signs. The key to hearing or receiving is acknowledging every communication that you get. The more you acknowledge, the more you will begin to receive. So I made sure to acknowledge each and every sign I received.
If I saw a dime in a very strange place, I let Talia know that I saw that dime, and that I thought it was from her. If I felt something on my head, I asked Talia if that was her. When I felt it again I knew it was. When I received a thought in my head and wasn’t sure where it had come from, I let Talia know that I “heard” that thought and thanked her.
Soon the signs came more frequently, and they were much clearer. Instead of feeling a little tingle on my leg, I felt a very strong touch. Instead of receiving a thought in my head that I thought might have come from Spirit, that thought became very clear—louder, though not audible. Instead of finding one dime, I would notice dime after dime in the same place for a day or so as emphasis.

I also studied very hard. I was extremely fortunate to have many healers work on me to help me release grief and open up my channels of communication. I was also lucky to be able to take many classes on learning to communicate with the spirit world. In these classes, many exercises helped me learn how to communicate and how to receive. After each exercise my fact-based belief was built up. I received substantiation after substantiation that there is in fact a spiritual world, one that we are part of even while we are still in our bodies.

As Talia states in her dialogues in The Universe Speaks, anyone can hear and communicate with the Spirit. We just need to believe. Believe and it will be!!

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