What is a Sign?

Looking for Signs

This will be a quick blog entry. I will expand on this subject later but I have recently been asked, “how do I tell what a sign from a loved one is exactly.”

The quick answer is this: if you notice something that you normally would not notice, a coin in a strange spot, your loved ones favorite flower, or something else that takes your mind to your loved one or whomever you are wanting to hear from, then that is most likely a sign from that person. Example: The title of one of my books, Hummingbirds Don’t Fly In The Rain, came about because of a sign from my daughter, Talia. It was raining, pouring out, and I looked up and saw a hummingbird flying outside my window. It was not spring, or summer, it was winter and it was pouring and there was a hummingbird flying, looking in at me. Now that is something that is not normal. That event was out of context, and it made me think of my daughter. It was indeed a sign. That being a sign was reinforced when I spoke to Talia and asked her, “was that a sign that you are here?” A few moments later she confirmed that it was indeed a sign sent from her when I found that same hummingbird lying perfectly centered, wet from the rain, and dead, on my porch step.

Watch for things that are not normal. If something strikes you as a sign, it probably is. Thank your loved one for sending it and ask for more. The signs will start to come more frequently and possibly in more dramatic ways.

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