Seeds of Wisdom with Kimberly Klein: Spiritual signs

May 3rd, 2017

Hi, and welcome to another podcast of Seeds of Wisdom with Kimberly Klein.

The subject of this episode is Spiritual Signs. What are they and how do you know if you’ve received one?

Not everything that is traditionally viewed as a sign has the same meaning to everybody. There are hundreds of books about signs and symbols on the market, and every culture has their own meaning and understanding about the different animals and objects that are traditional signs and symbols. In order to know what something means to you,

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Conversations with Kim and Kim; Spirit vs: Ego

May 1st, 2017

In this second podcast of mine and Kim’s, we discuss Ego vs: Spirit.

How do you know when a thought or inspiration is coming from the spirit world, from your true authentic self, or when it is ego based?

It is important to be able to tell the difference because thoughts, ideas, inspirations from your soul, which is your authentic self and is directly connected to spirit will always be in alignment with your best interest whereas ego based decisions and such will not always be your best choice!

Thanks for listening!


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Conversations with Kim and Kim; get to know us!

April 20th, 2017

Welcome to the first podcast of Conversations with Kim and Kim. This podcast series is a discussion between me, Kim Klein, and Kim Isherwood, intuitive medium and my good friend.  We are going to use this podcast series to discuss many different topics, not just spirituality.  Kim as an intuitive medium, and me as an intuitive counselor, both speak to a great deal of people who have a lot of varying questions and concerns about life, relationships, business etc., not just about spiritual issues, so we decided to use this forum to voice our opinions and feelings about a lot of things! 

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Seeds of Wisdom episode 1 ! Introduction and discussion about Meditation

April 17th, 2017

Hi!  I am very excited to post this very first episode of my new podcast series, Seeds of Wisdom!  For this first episode I decided to give a bit of information about who I am, for those of you that do not already know me from my books, as well as to speak a little bit about the types of meditation that I practice on a daily basis.  As I move forward with these podcasts I hope to delve deeper into subjects such as spirit communications, more about meditation, God, healing, religion vs. spirituality, and more!  Please feel free to email any questions,

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What is a Sign?

March 22nd, 2016

Looking for Signs

This will be a quick blog entry. I will expand on this subject later but I have recently been asked, “how do I tell what a sign from a loved one is exactly.”

The quick answer is this: if you notice something that you normally would not notice, a coin in a strange spot, your loved ones favorite flower, or something else that takes your mind to your loved one or whomever you are wanting to hear from, then that is most likely a sign from that person. Example: The title of one of my books,

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Learning to Hear

March 3rd, 2016

When I meet people, either at book signings, on a radio show or in some sort of social situation, the question that is most asked of me is how did I, and more importantly, how do they learn to hear and understand what their loved ones are trying to communicate to them. Some of them add that they had never heard from their passed loved ones until after reading one of my books, but then all of a sudden they heard from them and they ask, why did their loved ones choose now to communicate to them.

What I know,

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Consciously Raising Children

January 24th, 2012

Raising children is something that many people do, but not many people actually think about. It seems that most people go about raising their children by the seat of their pants, approaching each situation as it arises, not giving much thought as to the “formula” they are going to use to help their children grow, learn, mature, and become happy, well-adjusted and gracious members of society.

In fact, a lot of people give more thought to how to raise their puppies than their children. Granted, you can put your puppy in its crate for a few hours, as part of its training and to give yourself time to take care of what you need to do.

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Dealing with loss during the Holidays

December 14th, 2011

For many people, the arrival of the holiday season brings with it a mixed bag of emotions: excited, anticipatory, joyous and hopeful feelings, as well as feelings of dread, loneliness, and the wishful thought that the time period between Halloween and New Year’s would just disappear. For whatever reason, everyone deals with the holidays his or her own way. But having a loved one that has passed away throws an entirely new set of emotions into the already crowded mix. Especially when that loved one is your child.

During the holiday season it is more common than not to finish a conversation or a visit with a statement like,

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My journey of healing

July 20th, 2011

When my daughter Talia started to communicate to me, directly and through others, just after she had “died” in a plane crash, she started me on a path to healing. Although I will never be completely the same as I was before the crash, just knowing she is with me—and will be with me forever—brings me a joy and peace nearly impossible to describe. I feel this knowing in my core; it is a soul knowing deeper than I have ever known anything else.

It is my hope that Talia’s words and my experiences will help others heal from the loss of their loved ones as well.

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If I am addicted now, then I must have been addicted then…

July 19th, 2011

A friend of mine recently mentioned to me that she was so impressed I had made it through the most difficult time of my life, the “death” of my daughter and her father, without resorting to drugs, alcohol, other self-destructive habit, or even therapy. When she said this I realized there are so many people in the world who for one reason or another find solace in some sort of substance.

I am very lucky that I had something else to help me get through the initial shock of my daughter’s death. I had HER.

From the moment I first realized that Talia’s physical form was dead,

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