Seeds of Wisdom with Kimberly Klein; Yoga as a meditation with guest yogi Emily Kudlacz

Hi Everyone!

In past podcasts I have spoken about how I am not a fan of Yoga.  The thing is, I am not a fan of SOME yoga styles, and some yoga schools, some yoga teachers, and some yoga practitioners.  My dislike of yoga does not run to the core of my being.  I do in fact love a couple styles of yoga, and some of my best friends are amazing yoga instructors.

My other podcast, Conversations with Kim and Kim, in fact, is hosted by me, and by my good friend Kim who is in fact, a yoga instructor.  In fact we met because I took one of her yoga classes.  Moving to todays podcast my guest, Emily Kudlacz, is another friend of mine who I also met at a yoga class.  She is another one of my yoga instructors!  You see, the two types of yoga I actually like, in fact love, are called Yin, and Restorative Yoga.  These styles are meant to give you deep releases, slow stretches, and to me are very meditative and restorative.  Hence, the name of one of them!

So today I wanted to talk about how yoga is in fact a type of meditation and how it can be much different than the yoga that some of you imagine, and how I once thought of how it was.  Which was trendy, groupie like, a social hour, fashion show etc.

I hope you like it.  Please send me comments and questions.



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