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Plane crash tragedy in 2007 discussed in new book
By Monica Quintero,


A holiday took a terrible turn for a Santa Barbara family. A plane crashed in 2007 into the side of a volcano in Panama killing three of the four people on board including a 13-year-old girl. The mother is now sharing the emotional story in a new book. As you can imagine, the healing process has been difficult but she found a way. However, it's a healing process some may find controversial.


The tragic story made international headlines. "I don't wish that on anybody," said Kimberly Klein, author of a new book. Among those killed the plane's pilot, wealthy hedge fund manager, Michael Klein and his 13-year-old daughter, Talia. There was only one survivor, Talia's friend, 12-year-old Francesca Lewis. The group was vacationing at an eco-resort Michael owned in Panama.

"I want people to understand, no matter what tragedy there is they can get through it," said Klein. Michael was Kimberly Klein's ex-husband and he had quite a background jumping from junior high school to college. The Santa Barbara native earned his fortune founding a company that became the largest group email service in the world. He sold it to yahoo for $450 million in 2000.

"Death as I see it is not death at all but of the body," said Kimberly Klein reading her new book. Shocking words from someone who had always been agnostic. In fact, she did not believe in life after death until this heart shattering experience and says it's helped her in the healing process.

"I feel she absolutely lived the life she was supposed too. She had an amazing life and she even says that herself in the communication, she had an amazing life," said Kimberly Klein. The author knows it's a controversial subject but shares her accounts in her new book, "Hummingbirds Don't Fly in the Rain, a mother's extraordinary search for her daughter in this life and the next."

"Their loved ones are there for them and they can heal," said Kimberly Klein. "They can live a life of love and joy and relationship with their loved ones that have passed away even though their bodies are dead." Whatever you believe, Kimberly Klein says go with your own instincts to find peace and healing.