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  Kim Klein

Is it possible to communicate with a deceased loved one on the other side?


When you think of me, think of the celebration of life, not sorrow over the illusion of death. Death has no place here; it just does not exist. It's a state of mind, so don't put your mind in that state.
Talia - The Universe Speaks




It was a breaking news story that was reported on “Good Morning America”, “20/20” and TV shows worldwide: A small private plane carrying wealthy, hedge fund manager, Michael Klein, his 13-year-old daughter, Talia, and her friend had disappeared in the jungles of Panama.


For three days, the world waited while Talia’s mother, Kim Klein, prayed that her daughter was alive. But the plane had crashed into the side of a volcano and only the friend had survived.

Talia was gone! Kim did not believe in life after death or in communication with the dead. Until, that is, Talia reached out from “the other side” and physically touched her.

In the coming days, Kim received more signs from Talia: Hummingbirds kept appearing in front of her – even in the rain. And hummingbirds don’t fly in the rain. Then the messages began!
Talia began communicating from the other side, revealing a life, like paradise, that was more beautiful, fulfilling and complete than anything we know on Earth. She also let her mother know unequivocally that, not only is there “life after death,” but there is no death!

Hummingbirds Don't
Fly In The Rain

By Kimberly Klein
PMA Press
Reviewed by Carol Davala

...There is an intimacy in the author's writing that draws readers into the personal drama of this true-life account and timeframe. Here Klein's emotions run the gamut from shock and disbelief, to chaos, grief, bitterness, and quiet contemplation. We quickly learn that Talia was an "old soul"...

Talia’s words from the spirit world are revealed in Kim Klein’s books, Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain and The Universe Speaks!

Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain

If you like suspenseful drama that will leave you filled with hope, nothing will grip you quite as much as the true story that Kim tells in Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain as she desperately attempts to help with the search and rescue efforts. Find out more about Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain.

The Universe Speaks!

The emotions tied to the loss of a child or other deceased loved one are often enormous. Through Talia’s own words, The Universe Speaks will help you or, someone you love, to find peace amidst the grief. If you wish you could communicate with a deceased loved one, please read The Universe Speaks!


“I wrote
Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain and The Universe Speaks! to bring hope to people. If your child or teen is desperately trying to deal with the death of a friend or other loved one, or he or she is struggling with the meaning of life, please share the gift of Talia’s words and story with them!

I found peace when I thought peace would never be possible. If I can help one person to feel better, to find peace, and to get through the horrible grief that comes when a child dies, then I know Talia’s words have made a difference. Maybe that person is you.”

From my heart,
Kimberly Klein