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US REVIEW OF BOOKSThe Universe Speaks:
A Heavenly Dialogue

By Kimberly Klein, PMA Press


Reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott


"I don't doubt, I don't question, and I am not even a speck skeptical that the following words are indeed Talia's words, spoken by her to us, from where we call Heaven."


After Kimberly Klein's thirteen-year-old daughter Talia was killed in a freak plane crash in 2007, Klein's life altered permanently—not simply because her beloved only child was gone, but because Talia began to communicate from beyond the grave and continues to do so. Her communications take place through a medium—a man named G, whom Klein introduces only as "my dear friend," someone who speaks inwardly to the spirits of the dead.


Talia states that "the depth of communications between her and G has never been reached before in any other spirit communications." It is clear that Klein's love for her daughter has spurred her to heed Talia's unspoken messages. "Talia was clear that her words should be published." Ranging from Zen-like ("Perceive those things that cannot be seen") to extravagant ("I'm VERY close to Him"), Talia's dialogues with G comprise the bulk of this lengthy book, with a sequel planned for select individuals who want to "delve deeper into the words spoken by Talia."


Here is a sample heavenly dialogue between Talia and G, speaking of a tree planted by Tali's school in her memory:


Talia: I love it. It honors me.


G: You're the most honorable person I know; you deserve it and so much more.


Talia: I've gotten everything I deserve AND so much more.


G: You're perfect.


Talia: I know.


Since G is the only one currently able to converse at length with Talia and the one recording their conversations, some readers may be skeptical. Regardless, Talia's prolonged contact is a comfort to her mother. The Universe Speaks will appeal to those with a fascination for the intriguing possibilities of life after life.